MogileFS limits...

dormando dormando at
Sat Apr 12 23:20:02 UTC 2008

> That'd be even easier... the app level should go to the
> perlbal/reverse proxy box, NOT directly to the mogstored server,
> right? 


> and I'm just caching the path, and the proxy is the frontend to
> the mogstoreds?

Yeah. See Mark Smith's thread from a few days ago.

> The reverse proxy is meant to be the layer of abstraction in front of
> all the individual mogstored's, right?


> and the bonus of perlbal is it
> will retry the backend(s) until it finds one and was designed to
> return a file hopefully no matter what is down...
> If that's not right I think I'm missing a key concept here. Doesn't
> help I'm running all of this on the same machine at home to test :)

That's right.

> Is there a C api for mogilefs? Probably quite simple, I guess I only
> need a GET style request for it. I don't know what is required (is it
> up to the client to first ask the tracker, get the location, then
> contact the location...?)

Not that I know of. The tracker has a trivial protocol (see 
MogileFS::Client sources). Then a client would need some HTTP basics.

> Just looking to get the C code for MogileFS access so I can try to pay
> someone (read: motivate) to get the nginx module going. I don't know C
> well enough, I would try to hack it but I would have no idea if it was
> even done right, and I don't know enough to debug it properly :)

Sketch :)


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