Does "test-write" ever get expunged?

dormando dormando at
Sun Apr 13 07:57:30 UTC 2008

You can safely ignore them... They'll create about ten thousand :)

They don't take any space, it's just an artifact of developing with it.

There was a patch sent to the list (sorry, I never followed up) which 
issued a delete, but it also removed the 10,000 limitation which I 
didn't like. You could apply that, keep the 10,000 file max (in case 
deletes fail), and it should just keep the dir clean.


mike wrote:
> Would it be an option to create my own cronjob to remove them?
> It seems to PUT and then GET. So technically they don't need to stick
> around, do they?
> How many get put there before it cycles over itself and starts
> overwriting the old ones?
> On 4/13/08, dormando <dormando at> wrote:
>> They don't, they get overwritten eventually.
>> It's goofy, we know :)

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