do not have gaps in device ids

dormando dormando at
Mon Apr 21 22:21:26 UTC 2008


You got hit by a few things. What version of mogilefs are you running? 2.17?

> device 7 is not in DB, nor is any file ( _* table) linked to this device.
> device 7 was a spare hd (/dev/hdc1) with data on it ... i planned to 
> insert it into mogile after i inserted the data on it into mogilefs 
> (turned out to be a defect harddisk anyway)
> (after assembling the computer it was hdc on the second comp in cluster 
> so it was meant to be dev7)
> but back to the errors:
> after i added dev7 as dead device to host 2 all worked fine and no 
> errors anymore.

This is due (IIRC) to an issue where the monitor process was actually 
scanning for all devices available on a host, and passing that 
information back into the mogile tracker without a related DB for said 

> another wired problem is that file_to_replicate had strange values.
> it contained 90 rows with a nexttry value of 2147483647 (translates to 
> Tuesday, January 19th 2038, 3:14:07 (GMT)).

That's a "magic" value (ENDOFTIME) or end_of_time(). It means the fid 
completely failed to replicate and needs user interaction to fix. I 
admit there's a complete lack of interface around this "feature" of 
mogilefs :) But they were likely related dev7 as you said.

> device 7 is still a noshow (though visible in db as dead device):
> root at fsc2:~# mogadm --trackers= device list
> fsc1 [1]: alive
>                   used(G) free(G) total(G)
>  dev1: alive      14.662  222.814 237.477
>  dev2: alive      17.594  257.479 275.072
>  dev3: alive      14.987  168.396 183.384
>  dev4: alive      41.199  142.185 183.384
> fsc2 [2]: alive
>                   used(G) free(G) total(G)
>  dev5: alive      20.813  237.761 258.574
>  dev6: alive      24.292  269.118 293.410
>  dev8: alive      23.549  269.861 293.410

Dead devices are no longer printed in mogadm output.

Guh, need to cut a release :)


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