Is there a "quota" option? or some way to limit how much mogstored uses?

mike mike503 at
Thu Apr 24 21:52:19 UTC 2008

well most of these boxes I won't be adding more drives to. I'd just be
putting aside a decent chunk of unused space on each of my webservers,
but I don't want to shoot myself in the foot and have mogstored+/var
stuff or other things wind up filling the disk and breaking things :)

So 'min_free_space' could be set to 20 gig, and all the mogstored's
would make sure to stop saying "I have available space" when it hits ~
20 gig left?

On 4/24/08, dormando <dormando at> wrote:
> You can specify 'min_free_space' in the tracker configs, but this is a
> global value. Otherwise mogilefs is designed to use exactly up to
> 'min_free_space' of disk space per device. LVM is a good bet if you want to
> limit it and expand it later... but why would you want to do that? :)
> -Dormando
> mike wrote:
> > Just wondering if I need to plan ahead to slice up my disk using LVM2
> > or physical partitions, or if I can simply say "yes it is a 200G
> > partition, but you only get to use 100G of it" ?
> >
> > Thanks
> >

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