delete_later (backup purpose)

sanados sanados at
Fri Feb 1 12:37:27 UTC 2008

as this mailinglist is alive i try to reask my question about delete_later.

Sorry to post this question twice, but i think it went down the drain as 
the second question in my email was answered already.

I see mogilefs not only as a distributed filesystem, replication and 
loadbalancing mechanism.
I would also like to use mogilefs as backup.

My guess is that many firms have to keep copies of files for some time 
for legal issues.
I don't to put an extra NAS online to just backup those files.

The easiest way would be if we could just use delete_later and mogilefs 
skips the deleting part and marks it as 'delete failed' and writes the 
files to delte into the table "file_to_delete_later" with a given (or a 
standard, or a config) value.

I haven't found any option to make this work with the current release of 
Have i just have to find those switch or does it not exist (yet) ?
And is this feature on the todo-list?


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