Types of access control for clients

Jay K jayk at ion0.com
Sat Feb 9 04:59:01 UTC 2008

Hi there all,

I am pretty new to mogilefs and I like what I have seen so far - but I
have one question that I've been unable to find the answer to.

Can there be any access control applied to clients access to
trackers / nodes?  I am considering setting mogilefs up for several of
my clients to use - but as I do not control their systems I want to
make sure that each client can only access their piece of the mogilefs

It didn't look like there was any way to accomplish this by default...
but I've read about people using other methods of access (Webdav?)
etc... so I wondered what people are doing and what is technically

If anyone has info / tips / suggestions on reading, I would really
appreciate it.



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