filename - hashkey

sanados sanados at
Thu Jan 3 12:29:49 UTC 2008

sorry, haven't found anything about this topic.

What i would need would be different filenames.

right now the files are looking like:


any chance that i could name them

/dev1/0/000/000/0000000011_5e2bc.jpg  for example.

so i prevent that user could browse through the server and get all files.
and i would also need to rewrite

Intern (servers) should still use this, though to deliver the files 
outside i would love to change the url to: (those request will 
be handled by normal http server (apache,lighttpd, ...))

(furthermore resulting in:

i do know that i could rewrite the domain and port in my scripts (php in 
this case).
Though i don't want to give any logic to the Website.
(still looking forward that anyone gets the FUSE up and running)

Any hints?

 Jürgen Krieger

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