Mogilefsd get_file_size message on FreeBSD (Apache+dav as storage)

Denis Kolesnichenko dozdranagon at
Wed Jan 23 07:24:11 UTC 2008

Hey guys,

The issue was covered here before... But I can't get pass through this anyway:

I'm trying to use Apache22 + mod_dav as a storage engine on a FreeBSD
6.2 box (couldn't get mogilestored to work).

Mogilefs-client ruby gem is used client-side.

After an attempt to store content with the key "test" the following takes place:

Files are stored in the tempfile table and on disk in a way like
"0/000/000/0000000032.fid" etc.
But no file ever makes it to the files table. Instead, mogilefsd
shoots this into the console (see the last line):

# mogilefsd
beginning run
Job replicate has only 0, wants 1, making 1.
Job delete has only 0, wants 1, making 1.
Job queryworker has only 0, wants 5, making 5.
Job monitor has only 0, wants 1, making 1.
Job reaper has only 0, wants 1, making 1.
Job fsck has only 0, wants 1, making 1.

[queryworker(14039)] node seems to be down in get_file_size

At this point mod_dav log contains no errors. Test-writes are okay
(stacked in the test-write folder, but can't find them in the db).

Am I to assume that this happens due to the FreeBSD IO perks or this
can be fixed without changing the system?


Denis Kolesnichenko
+7 916 970 22 36
Moscow, Russia

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