Exporting mogile files and db to another set of servers

sanados sanados at failure.at
Thu Jan 31 07:30:22 UTC 2008

drpr0ctologist at gmail.com wrote:
> I have a few test servers in-house and now I'm migrating them to a 
> live server on another network.
if it's only test enviroment you could easily turn off the test system 
and copy it to the production storage when keeping the devices the same.
Then just backup db and import it into the new db.
Adjust ips and hostnames of the storage servers and start up mogilefs
> I'd like to export out all of the files in mogile as well as the 
> database, to a whole new set of servers.
to port the database you could setup a replication from first db to the 
second later db.
When replication finished you can just change the master db connection 
in the tracker to the new db as master and kill the replication.
> My test server setup has 2 mogile storage servers, while there's only 
> one production server.
that does basically mean that mindevcount 3 will not work as it tries to 
replicate the files on different fileservers.
So it does the replication to the new server ... but when you remove the 
old servers it will complain that there are too less nodes.
(Should not be a problem though)
> As suggested, I've now set both of the test server mogstored devices 
> to "drain", and added the production server's mogstored device as 
> active.  This is supposed to copy all of the files from the test 
> servers to the production server.  Thing is, it seems to be 
> progressing rather slowly.  Anyone know how long it should take 20GBs 
> to move over, and how I could speed it up?
No expierience yet how long that could take. :(
> Lastly, once this is all done, do I just import the test server mogile 
> data to the production database, and then modify the host and remove 
> traces of the old servers?  I'm guessing after it's completed, there 
> won't be any files referencing the test servers, since they've been 
> set to drain?
Look above how i would transfer the database ... once all files are 
replicated you could set all devices that will be shutdown to status dead.
Check if it still is all functional ... then just shutdown the 
fileservers ... the aren't asked anymore anyway.
Last step ist to (use mogadm or plain database) remove the fileservers 
and their devices.
> By the way, does drain mean the test server files will be removed 
> after they are moved over?
someone else could possibly can give you an exact describtion what will 
be made.
Though ... is it important?
As you shut those servers down you could just delete all partitions and 
it wouldn't matter.


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