How to cleanup dangling (unable to be retrieved) files entirely?

sanados sanados at
Thu Jan 31 07:43:26 UTC 2008

王晓哲 wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have tried MogileFS for a while, and did the following things:
> 1. add a domain and a class in that domain, with mindevcount=3 (make 3
> replications);
> 2. insert a new file into MogileFS, and I saw there are 3 storage nodes
> (node A,B,C) contained that file according to 'mogadm stats';
> 3. manually mark one of those nodes (node A) to be down, and try to
> retrieve that file: file retrieved normally, and a new replication is
> made up on another node (node D) as expected;
> 4. manually mark the previous down node alive, and delete the file.
when you say you deleted the file ... do you mean you deleted it by the 
tracker or by the entry of the class in the table file_on?
if you used the tracker it did, as you requested, delete the file from 
mogilefs and from each alive device.
(Not removed the file from the device that was down)

> Here comes the problem: after the file has been deleted, there are no
> contents in node B,C and D, but still left one copy of the file in node
> A (can be seen through 'mogadm stats'). That copy could not be accessed
> anymore, but do occupied the storage spaces. Even though I tried to
> clean up the whole storage directory on node A, the mogadm file
> statistics remain unchanged.
have found that problem too ....
files that got deleted while a node was offline will be deleted on every 
device that file was replicated to.
When the down dev will come back online again it still remains a copy of 
that file.
For those files i guess was the table file_to_delete_later ... not 
working correct at this time i guess.
But perhabs the fsck should clean up those files ...
> With a long running systems and lots of files, this phenomenon will be
> very annoying. So is there any formal method to clean up all of these
> dangling files in a MogileFS system?
I second that!
> -Chaos

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