New to MogileFS have a few questions

David Mcanulty mogilefs at
Tue Jun 10 20:21:52 UTC 2008

Hello all.

I'm new to MogileFS and have a few questions before i start down the
path of rolling it out to our production servers later this month.
I've sicked google on the archive and here are my remaining questions.
I think i know the answer to half of em (1,2,6) but i want to make

1. How come i have to do a "mogadm fsck reset" before a "mogadm fsck
start" in order to repair a file i corrupted/deleted? Is there any
downside to this?

2. If a disk fails, when i replace it, is MogileFS smart enough to
finish reaping it before putting that node back into production?

3. The content length checking works for files that are corrupted with
wrong length. Are there any patches that apply MD5 capability to the

4. Which version should i use for production on a Fedora 8 server? The
SVN, the stable or the RPMs?

5. I've had "weird things" (sorry didn't document them) happen when
I've used host-names in the configuration files. Should i stick to IPs

6. If i roll MogileFS out to 3 servers each with 3 hard drives, and
set the class to 3 copies, will MogileFS put all 3 copies on one
server, or one copy on each server?

If anyone knows the answer to even one question please let me know,
you don't have to answer them all :D

If your shy my email address is mogilefs at

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