Lighttpd and nonexistent directories

Daniel Leaberry dleaberry at
Fri Jun 20 20:47:03 UTC 2008

We're testing Mogile here and just ran into our first little snag. I'm 
running mogstored using lighttpd and the first 999 files we test 
inserted worked fine. Any file over 999 gives a 403 error.

I've traced this to the directory hashing scheme that mogile uses 
(0/000/000) and the new directory does not exist (0/000/001).

  'dev_count' => '2',
           'devid_2' => '45',
           'path_1' => 
           'fid' => '1007',
           'devid_1' => '39',
           'path_2' => 

How can I get mogile to create the directory if it doesn't exist? I 
found a lighttpd patch posted here in 2006 that purports to accomplish 
this, is the patch the correct solution?


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