[PATCH] Fix various typos, spelling and grammar errors

Nick Andrew nick at nick-andrew.net
Tue Jun 24 04:51:27 UTC 2008

On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 09:16:48PM -0700, dormando wrote:
> Thanks for the patches so far!

Thanks for (writing|fixing|improving) MogileFS in the first place :-)

> In this case, I'm a little iffy on the corrections in the /mogdeps/
> dirs. Those packages are externally tracked, so any patches should be
> against their respective repos, pull down, etc.
> We should also give it a brief review before applying it since it
> touches so many files.

I decided to send just the one patch rather than one patch per file
so as to not flood anybody with patches. The idea is to just delete
any unwanted hunks and apply the rest.

The changes to mogdeps certainly can go; I can make patches against
the gearman and perlbal repositories and wait for them to make
their way into the mogilefs repo.

Please give the rest of the changes a look through and point out
any which don't look right.

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