Large-scale production installations, and another question

mike mike503 at
Sun Jun 29 07:46:15 UTC 2008

Two parter:

1) Other than Danga properties like LJ, are there other sites using
MogileFS in production? It'd be cool to see a list/stats (how many
machines, files, etc, etc)

2) When the client issues the call "Where is file $x?" and it gets
back a list of locations, does the tracker reply back in random order?
Or is it always the same? Is it expected that the client take the list
and randomize them too? Just wondering - if the server always replies
with "$x is on $y" in the same order and the client always picks the
first one, that means one server is being hit more often than the
other. Seems like it would be nice to randomize it (or even smarter
adding in some better intelligence based on connections/load/etc, but
random is probably good enough) - I haven't looked at the docs/code
about this specifically but figured someone could answer it pretty

Thanks a lot :)

- mike

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