Comparing perlbal performance with Squid as reverse proxy with url blocking

Yusuf Goolamabbas yusufg at
Tue Nov 2 17:46:33 PST 2004

> Were you using epoll?  (Linux 2.6)

Yes I am using epoll, Fedora Core 1 with Linux 2.6.9 (glibc is also
sysenter aware)

> We've done profiling, though, and found most (37%) of our CPU is wasted in
> the HTTPHeaders class, which isn't surprising.  We tried a couple
> pure-perl versions of it, but none were faster than the original.  Mark
> Smith then wrote it in C with some XS.  That'll be released sometime this
> week or next, and I'd love it if you did the same benchmarks again then.

No probs, I tried the same benchmarks with current CVS and it was a bit
slower (wanted to see if web_proxy.client_persist = yes helped). 

> I look forward to seeing more benchmarks from you as we start focusing on
> performance.

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