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Excellent stuff. While I've got you on the line, so to speak, I wanted
to ask how extensible it is. Specifically, we're looking for a proxy
which can also compress http content to end-users, and do some
light-weight caching. For example, caching and serving a set of most
frequently accessed "static" pages (they're dynamic, but only in the
fact that they're regenerated over specific time intervals and then
cached). How complex is it for us to implement these types of features
as plug-ins for perlbal. Does it lend itself to that kind of

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Our goal was to get something up by last Friday, but missed it.
I'd be really sad if we don't have a page & docs up for it sometime this

A couple others have played with it, but nobody else is running it in
production that I know of.  (witness lack of docs)

As I see it, we need to:

-- document prereqs:  Linux is required at this point, and Linux
   2.6 (for epoll and scheduling) is recommended for production.
   FreeBSD and other Unix support later.

-- make packages for Danga::Socket and Perlbal (which requires
   Danga::Socket).  but for now you can just check out lib/Danga-Socket
   from in wcmtools repo and "perl Makefile.PL; make
   install" I believe.

-- document perlbal config files (though there are examples in cvs)

-- document why we made our own load balancer in the first place
   (explain the cool tricks it does)

-- document the plug-in interface hooks


On Tue, 12 Oct 2004, Benjamin Krueger wrote:

> Any guesses on when the general public can expect to see perlbal
> documentation start trickling out? I'd like to evaluate it as part of
> proxy system, however the lack of documentation is killing me when it
> comes to convincing other folks that it's mature enough to consider.
> Is there a list of high traffic internet sites other than LiveJournal
> using perlbal in a production capacity right now?
> Thanks,
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