Perlbal 1.01

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Fri Oct 22 20:50:22 PDT 2004

Another release of Perlbal is out:

And you'll need version 1.25 of Danga::Socket:

And Linux::AIO 1.3 from CPAN.

Changes since 1.00:

    -- when internally redirecting a URL, perlbal advertises
       that it supports persisent HTTP connections now,
       and caches those sockets for 5 seconds.  (not configurable)
       useful under load, otherwise you waste all local ports
       on a machine

    -- ditch dependence on IO::SendFile.  do it ourselves (1 line)
       with perl's syscall function

    -- add doc/* and conf/* to MANIFEST file

Don't let the low version number fool you ... we've been using Perlbal (on
a few machines) for 20-40 millions of hits per day.

We're still working on docs, but at least doc/* and conf/* are now in the
tarball, which are pretty helpful.

- Brad

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