Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Sun Aug 14 20:43:27 PDT 2005

Yeah, I botched the 1.3 release.  It's missing two files and we never
tested it in production ourselves, so I can't entirely recommend it.  I
did make a new tarball with the missing files (but also some new code


Either use Perlbal 1.2 (old, lacking tons of fun features) or cvs, which
reportedly works pretty well (Kevin?) and is approaching a release,
pending production testing.

- Brad

On Sun, 14 Aug 2005, harmen wrote:

> Hello,
> Perlbal::AIO seems to be missing in the 1.3 release:
> tweed at karp:~/perlbal/Perlbal-1.3$ grep AIO MANIFEST
> tweed at karp:~/perlbal/Perlbal-1.3$ find . -name
> tweed at karp:~/perlbal/Perlbal-1.3$
> Got from CVS but then it complains about
> Undefined subroutine &main::SYS_sendfile called at lib/Perlbal/ line 45.
> Is the CVS version suppost to be stable at the moment? Or do I have to go back to 1.2?
> Thanks,
> Harmen
> (And downloading via gives a 500)
> --
>                                 The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (68% of Full)

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