Perlbal-1.35 release

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Tue Aug 16 23:12:39 PDT 2005

The following just hit CPAN:

Version 1.35 is an "almost 1.40 release".  (we're now moving to a
CPAN-standard n.nn version scheme)  It'll be blessed as 1.40 when people
report success with it and don't report problems, including LiveJournal,
giving us a couple version numbers of slack in case it takes a 36, 37,

New features in 1.35 from 1.3:

    -- buffer uploads to disk (triggered on by one of rate/size/time)
       before blasting to a backend when full request is received

    -- beta SSL support in a few lines of code.  maybe it's completely
       done.  maybe it's barely done.  But it seems to work?  I'm no
       SSL master... IO::Socket::SSL just made it so easy.

    -- lots more tests, refactoring, and cleanups

    -- fix potential crashing bugs in the PUT path.  luckily ones we
       never hit.

    -- load plugins by either the exact case specified, all lowercase,
       or all lowercase with first letter uppercase.  then remember
       the case for unloading (which was never implemented?)

Sys::Syscall has been on CPAN for a couple weeks now, but to be complete:

While I wouldn't entirely recommend this release for production, not
having used it myself in production, it appears to be pretty good.
I'm curious how it works out for people, if anybody's feeling brave.

We've been cleaning/auditing/documenting like crazy, and our test suite is
getting pretty impressive.

If you're feeling helpful but not entirely brave, can you at least do:

 perl Makefile.PL
 make test

And let me know if anything fails for you, and what your OS/version is?

- Brad

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