make test fails on debian sarge

Badai Aqrandista badaiaqrandista at
Mon Aug 29 20:52:29 PDT 2005

>Those errors are fixed in the latest cvs version.  Here, I did a release:
>Perlbal is both a web server and a load balancer.  It's a much better load
>balancer than mod_proxy, but I'm too tired right now to list all the
>reasons.  I hear your confusion, though, so I'll work on making the
>website better.  If you haven't read it, though:
>- Brad

Thanks, Brad...

I've read the site and some of the docs in the 1.36 tarball... I've used 
memcached and it really is a nice piece of work... So, I'm interested on 
what else danga has in store...

Badai Aqrandista
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