perlbal memory leak?

Ask Bjørn Hansen ask at
Sat Dec 3 00:03:21 UTC 2005


One of my perlbal installations keep leaking(?) memory.  Not at a  
super rapid rate, but that's mostly because it's not getting too much  
traffic.  Just now after about 4M requests it was at ~500MB.   I've  
included the configuration file below.  The option option I use is -- 
config to specify the configuration file.

I use the latest version from CVS.  We use RHEL3 on this box (and  
others without the problem).  perl 5.8.3 (the same on this box and  
the others).

In the output (I run it under supervise) I a lot of lines like the  
one below are slowly adding up.  I just saw them now and haven't  
looked at the code to see if  it could be related.

Undef client_ip (Perlbal::ClientProxy=ARRAY(0xb3c7dde8)) in  
assign_client.  Closing. at lib/Perlbal/ line 179.
Undef client_ip (Perlbal::ClientProxy=ARRAY(0xb3c9cbd4)) in  
assign_client.  Closing. at lib/Perlbal/ line 179.

Any ideas?

   - ask

SERVER max_connections = 10000
LOAD stats
SERVER max_reproxy_connections = 50

CREATE POOL xrl_pool
   POOL xrl_pool ADD

   SET role = reverse_proxy
   SET pool = xrl_pool
   SET listen =
   SET plugins = stats
   SET trusted_upstream_proxies =
   SET connect_ahead = 2
   SET persist_backend = on
   SET max_backend_uses = 200
   SET backend_persist_cache = 4
   SET verify_backend = on
ENABLE web_proxy

   SET mgmt.role = management
   SET mgmt.listen =


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