Perlbal, Squid & X-Forwarded-For

Kate Turner kate.turner at
Thu Jan 13 10:03:14 PST 2005


We're considering trying Perlbal on our website, to load balance
between the frontend squid servers (that the users see) and the
apaches at the backend.  At the moment we use X-Forwarded-For from the
squid to know the client's real IP address (our web application
requires this); Perlbal seems to have _some_ X-F-F support, but, as
far as I can see, it ignores any X-F-F supplied by the 'client' (which
in this case is squid).

Would it be different to implement support for appending Perlbal's
client's IP to the X-F-F, and forwarding the entire thing?  E.g. if is the client, and is the squid, perlbal would


to the apache.  This is what we do with Pen at the moment, and it
appears to work well.


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