Perlbal, Squid & X-Forwarded-For

Mike Whitaker mike at
Thu Jan 13 10:25:06 PST 2005

> In the CVS version, you can set "trusted_upstreams" to true/1/on for a
> service and its X-Forwarded-For is used instead of Perlbal replacing 
> it.
> As for appending a new one all the time, that'd be an easy change... 
> just
> modify lib/Perlbal/ where it deals with X-Forwarded-For 
> and
> trusted, perhaps?
> Let us know the behavior you want and perhaps Mark could add it

>> Would it be different to implement support for appending Perlbal's
>> client's IP to the X-F-F, and forwarding the entire thing?  E.g. if
>> is the client, and is the squid, perlbal would
>> forward:
>> X-Forwarded-For:,

IIRC, this is not the correct way - you should, unless my memory's at 
fault, have multiple X-Forwarded-For's in this case, most recent... 
erm, first I think :)

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