Perlbal and

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Fri Jan 14 15:01:24 PST 2005


tarball or cvs version?

Would you mind posting your config?

I feel some latency clicking links on your site... are you using

- Brad

On Fri, 14 Jan 2005, Russ Garrett wrote:

> As of yesterday, we're now running Perlbal as the load-balancer for
> and, and I managed to get priority
> queueing for subscribers done in about 20mins today. I haven't really
> got much else to say, except that it seems to work a lot better than our
> previous load balancer (Pound).
> Yet another cool project from Livejournal, I don't know where we'd be
> without LJ :).
> Cheers,
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