IO::Kqueue support in Danga::Socket

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Mon Mar 7 17:11:37 PST 2005

Matt Sergeant added IO::Kqueue support to Danga::Socket:

This means Perlbal on BSD could (in theory, see below) use kqueue instead
of poll, in the same way Danga::Socket currently uses epoll instead of
poll, to efficiently work with thousands of open file descriptors.

But Perlbal currently requires Linux::AIO, so that's not so useful.

We're going to rip out Linux::AIO, though, so our BSD friends can use it.
In the short term we'll make Perlbal on BSD not use Linux::AIO and be
restricted to load balancer mode only (not webserver mode), but down the
road we'll replace Linux::AIO with a portable solution.

- Brad

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