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Mon Mar 14 14:57:13 PST 2005


I just found perlbal and mogilefs, but some things are a bit unclear. The
site in question completly mod_perl so mogilefs might just be the system we

I use a few virtualhosts now. Depending on (part of the) hostname requests
go to different backend mod_perl apaches. I would like to use Perlbal to
balance the connections to the backend servers, but since I really need the
frontends virtualhosts the setup would be: 
frontend apache -> perlbal -> mod_perl
But thats looks rather silly. Any suggestions? (Besides using real ipnumbers in
stead of virtualhosts)
(Hmm, I see wikipedia uses it between squid and mod_perl...)

In the oscon2004 presentation (which is quite readable even without the talk :)
there is a example of a GET request for a FotoBilder image. (, page 50 on my pdfreader)
The requests goes like this:
perlbal -> mod_perl -> mogile tracker -> redirects to a storage node via
perlbal -> serving of the actual image by perlbal.
This does look like quite a lot of work for a simple image :)
Do 'last-modified' headers get added to the reply somewhere so a client will
cache it, or does the livejournal setup do that somewhere?

What happends if a mogile content server burns down? How do the files get


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