Virtual hosts, existing apache and some more

Ask Bjørn Hansen ask at
Mon Mar 14 17:04:42 PST 2005

On Mar 14, 2005, at 16:55, Harmen wrote:

> The backends do not use keepalive now, indeed. Does it differ from 
> apache for the
> clients? Think the cost of a longer keepalive is almost none with 
> Perlbal,
> but with Apache you need a whole child for each connection, right?


With perlbal you can keep your connections open to both the client and 
to the backend without running out of them.

> Ask, have you got some Perlbal successstories to share?

I only use it for a couple of small hobby projects[1], but I'm very 
happy with it there.

I'm planning to set it up with wackamole on to load 
balance and get HA between a couple of boxes.

  - ask

[1] (~5-600k requests a day) and (<~200k requests/day).


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