sticky IP support?

Mark Smith marksmith at
Mon May 16 11:19:58 PDT 2005

> Is that with the XS HTTP header parse, or not?
> ISTR getting about 500/hits/s off a single instance on a 2.7GHz 1G  
> machine frontending an image server, before the XS code came out.

Yeah, obviously it depends on your use case, and we are limited by how much
our backends can handle too.  If we were just serving static files, maybe
it'd be higher, or maybe it'd be higher doing all reverse proxying...

Anyway, this is with the XS code.  Without it, we were hovering around 600
requests/sec for one of the machines.  XS headers gives a very large
performance boost, and makes it more stable.  (Bug in the Perl code?)

Mark Smith
junior at

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