Limiting backend connections per node

dormando dormando at
Wed Nov 16 12:27:22 PST 2005

Hey all,

I have gotten perlbal up and running without issue, so far. However, now 
stands the daunting task of testing it out of and in production ;)

I see perlbal relies on the backend servers MaxClients (or similar) 
setting to limit the number of accepting backend connections that each 
server has.

This is an issue for me (at the moment), since 35+ of my backend 
webservers were set up by hand, use different linux distros, have their 
configs in different places, etc. I can't rebuild them for a couple more 
weeks, so it'd be much easier if perlbal had a node option to limit the 
max number of backend connections it will try to open to each 
independent node. It would also make it much simpler to try different 
maximums for the backend to see which is most efficient for throughput. 
Otherwise (as far as I can tell) I have to change the config and grace 
apache on 100+ machines, which even when done in parallel is a bit 

So uhh. Should I try hacking it in, does perlbal not work right with 
this kind of setup, or what? :)


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