Another fun success

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Thu Nov 17 15:26:24 PST 2005

Good to hear.

BTW, I've been moving towards chunked support in Perlbal over the past few
months, although slowly.

On Thu, 17 Nov 2005, dormando wrote:

> Hey again,
> Due to a total overload on our backend and given how well testing was
> going, we decided to give perlbal a try in production. Several hours of
> manual labor later, and it's working pretty incredibly.
> I'm working out the finer points of optimization now, but it's up and
> working and our site has never loaded this fast before! I had gotten
> hitched up on a couple things with the management interface. Tracking
> how it's running is tough, but after a learning curve and some source
> diving I got the hang of it.
> Right now we're working on getting HTTP 1.0 keep-alives working on our
> backend. Since it's all PHP, it really wants to use chunked encoding or
> single-shot HTTP 1.0 responses :\ The difference in speed perlbal shows
> when working without persistent backend connections is huge... 50-70%
> performance degredation, and if there're any users in the pending queue,
> it's because it's trying to get/verify a backend connection for them.
> It looks like this is fixable on our end with another ~30 minutes of
> effort, but I wish I was able to hack in HTTP 1.1 support with my time
> :) It'd also be nice to more easily track how many keep-alive
> connections were reused vs connections closed. Maybe I can follow this
> up with some patches, but probably not given time constraints...
> Thanks,
> -Alan

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