Wacky IE Problem

Kevin Lewandowski kevin at discogs.com
Wed Oct 19 06:12:04 PDT 2005

I've had the same problem. You need to update to the latest CVS  
version. That should fix it.


On Oct 19, 2005, at 4:57 AM, Martin Atkins wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I've been having a problem that I'm finding quite hard to debug. I  
> have Perlbal deployed at my office in a selector/reverse-proxy  
> setup which proxies back to a different host depending on the Host  
> header. This has been working fine for a couple of months now, but  
> a few days ago we encountered a very bizarre problem.
> One of the servers behind the proxy is a demo of a project we're  
> working on. One of the pages it returns contains a large HTML table.
> When making the request for this page in Internet Explorer through  
> Perlbal, IE recieves most of the response but then suddenly and  
> inexplicably switches to either a "Page cannot be displayed" or a  
> "Page has expired" error. Which error gets displayed seems to be  
> random. Since it happens part-way through the response, my first  
> instinct was that it was a client-side problem.
> However, making that same request using IE on our LAN here directly  
> to the server does not show the same problem. Also, arranging for  
> our router to translate a port to the server directly and making a  
> request to that from outside the network using IE does not show the  
> problem. We have two servers running the application here and the  
> problem occurs regardless of which one Perlbal is pointing at. It  
> seems that Perlbal is at least a factor if not the direct cause.
> I did some packet sniffing and noticed a load of RST packets being  
> generated as the requests end, and recalled a post Brad made in his  
> journal a while back about that issue. I hacked Perlbal::Socket to  
> set the SO_LINGER flag on the socket and that caused the torrent of  
> RST to go away but does not solve the problem. The packet sniff  
> shows that the data is transmitted in its entirety.
> Just to make it all the more bizarre, the problem seems to occur  
> regardless of the size of the response, except in some cases where  
> the number of columns in our table is less than a certain number.  
> If it stays below that number of columns, it can return as many  
> rows as it likes (within reason) and work just fine. However, this  
> might just be random dumb luck since it works occasionally anyway.
> I'm completely at a loss. This problem is so completely off-the- 
> wall I don't know where to start! Any ideas? :)
> We're running Perlbal 1.37.

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