Announce: Perlbal-1.38

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Wed Oct 19 09:59:44 PDT 2005

Perlbal 1.38, appearing on CPAN shortly, is now available at:

Lot of nice little changes since 1.37, included here:

1.38: (beta for 1.40) 2005-10-12

    -- some paranoia evals around some parts of buffered uploads that
       SAPO reported crashes in occasionally.  added FIXMEs to investigate
       too.  for now, though, evals around closing files is safer.

    -- new feature: inter-perlbal upload tracking.  for fancy upload
       bars driven by XmlHttpRequest when clients are upload large files

    -- WARNING: reproxying (files or URLs) is now disabled by default,
       and must be enabled per-service with "enable_reproxy = true"

    -- do a final little read before closing an HTTP connection
       to make sure we have no unread data in kernel (notably
       an extra "\r\n" from an IE post), so when we do close, we
       don't send a RST packet to the end user.  Thanks to Kevin
       Lewandowski from for the bug report.

    -- use Danga::Socket's AddTimer interface to disconnect
       stale persistent connections every 5 seconds, driven by
       a timer, rather than every 15 seconds, driven by
       socket creation.

    -- there was a bug where 304 Not Modified responses would
       cause a connection close (and thus RST packets) even
       though keep-alive was negotiated and would've worked

    -- ignore URL arguments when doing directory indexing

    -- work a little better under "trickle".  (but still not perfect...
       trickle doesn't quite work on Perlbal, unfortunately. it's useful,
       or would've been useful, for testing some parts...)

    -- avoid an occasional warning with dirindexing on unreadable directories

Also, I've finally tagged cvs.  The tag is PERLBAL_1_38.

- Brad

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