SSL handshake blocks Perlbal

Elliot F elliotf-danga-perlbal at
Mon Aug 28 16:45:20 UTC 2006

The code looks to be there in djabberd, and I asked if Brad was going to
 port it, but (if you look at an email I sent on Aug 4th) it looks like
Brad isn't going to be able to do it.  I may have time in a few months,
so if it's not done by then, I may do it.

The fix was using Net::SSLeay instead of IO::Socket::SSL.


Mike Whitaker wrote:
> On 22 May 2006, at 16:53, Brad Fitzpatrick wrote:
>> Yes, indirectly:  another project of mine, DJabberd, uses the
>> Danga::Socket event loop and we've figured out in there how to do SSL
>> non-blocking.  Need to identify the common code and put it in a
>> library or
>> something so Perlbal can then use it.
> Any progress on this?

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