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Matt Mankins matt at
Sun Dec 24 15:23:14 UTC 2006

> Somebody else has been mailing me, asking about HTTP Binding, so  
> it'd be
> great if you could open source this.  I'm sure we could  
> collectively work
> out any kinks.

I put the XMPP code which implements XEP 124* into subversion today:


It's quite rough and does not have the ability to spread load over  
multiple Perlbals, but keeps a connection open and works well enough  
to make JSJaC work.  I suspect there's quite a bit of cleanup/rework  
to be done before it's efficient.

> As for multiple Perlbals, if the client hit a Perlbal that didn't  
> own that
> session ID, you could just send out a discovery query to the local
> network, asking which Perlbal owns that session (several ideas on  
> how to
> do this easily), then just use Perlbal's normal HTTP proxying stuff  
> (in
> particular the stuff used for X-Reproxy-URL, where no service is  
> needed),
> to proxy that HTTP request to the Perlbal which doesown that backend
> DJabberd connection.

I'll have to try that.


Matt Mankins
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