header rewrites

Joshua Thijssen jthijssen at noxlogic.nl
Fri Feb 17 19:33:01 UTC 2006

Sorry guys.. I've missed the HEADER INSERT lines in the documentation :)

However, is it possible to insert or modify a header with a variable
form another header?
For instance, I'm connecting to perlbal on www.DomainX.com:80, Perlbal
modifes the host to DomainY.com and connects to the backend. Is it
possible to add the original host-header to the list (basically the
x-forwarded-by header).

I'm (fairly) sure this is not in the documentation. :)


Joshua Thijssen wrote:
> How can i rewrite specified headers in perlbal? Is it possible to do
> something like this:
> 		#field	#from		#to
> rewriteheader	host	domainX.com	domainY.com

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