Perlbal as reverse proxy connection handler only

Fred Moyer fred at
Sun Jan 22 04:56:30 UTC 2006

> perlbal is forwarding the Host: HTTP header, so it's not that.
> My best guess is that you specified your virtual hosts with something
> like <virtualhost *:80> (instead of 8080) or some variation of
> that.   (This summer I've used Apache for 10 years and I still
> usually need a couple of tries to get the vhosts right when I setup
> Apache with a fresh httpd.conf).

That's exactly what happened.  I think it was mostly a case of being tired
and not thinking clearly when I should have stepped away from the keyboard
for a bit.  Which is also why I posted too quickly and without all the
necessary details.

> Do you use Apache 1 or 2?  If 1, then you should use "Listen 8080"
> and "Port 80".

This is Apache 2 - I'm only using Listen and it's been working fine with
just that directive and not Port.

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