About win32 port of perlbal

Martin Atkins mart at degeneration.co.uk
Fri Jul 28 17:40:53 UTC 2006

River Tarnell wrote:
> Martin Atkins:
>> I don't think Windows has an epoll() equivalent (please correct me if 
>> I'm wrong!)
> it has I/O Completion Ports, which offer a similar thing (efficient use
> of many sockets), but they're a fair bit different from Unix polling
> solutions.  i don't know how hard it'd be to make Danga::Socket use
> it...

Some quick Google searching suggests that Windows' async I/O is 
implemented as a wrapper around these I/O Completion Ports. Do you think 
that just using the standard Winsock functions in Async mode would do 
the trick, or is there more to it than that?

I'm kinda hoping that the IO::Poll module, which is present in my 
ActiveState Perl install, will do the trick without sucking. I shall 
investigate further tomorrow, since I don't have time today.

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