controlling number of perlbal processes

Mark Smith mark at
Tue May 16 18:38:55 UTC 2006

> What library is causing the fork, and what is the logic behind it?

What you're seeing is the IO processes that are spawned by
IO::AIO/Linux::AIO and are used for doing asynchronous IO.  If you don't
have a need for doing file reading and are going to be generating your
own content, you can disable that:

SET aio_mode = none

(I believe... it's in the manual either way.)  If you have that in your
config file, then Perlbal would only start up with the one process.

> The reason why I ask is that I am looking at using perlbal as the basis 
> of a small perl application server (rather than writing my own from 
> scratch or using something like POE) for use in memory limited embedded 
> devices, and having the four processes seems to be unnecessary in my 
> requirements.

Sounds interesting.  Good luck.  :)

Mark Smith
mark at

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