General performance of perlbal

Mika Vatanen blaind at
Sun May 21 19:19:17 UTC 2006


I have been trying perlbal installation but have experienced very high
CPU usage and poor performance numbers. The maximum performance obtained
has been around 150 requests / second measured by apache bench on a
2.5Ghz Celeron box. According to strace, perlbal uses epoll but still
gets CPU bound.

What are the possible requests/s numbers that perlbal could handle if
everything worked well? Any ideas of what could be the problem and how
could it be fixed?


-- Mika

Kernel: 2.6.16
Distribution: Fedora Core 4
Perl: 5.8.6

Software installed: Danga-Socket 1.48, Perlbal 1.41,

Perlbal configuration:
xs enable headers
  SET listen          =
  SET role            = reverse_proxy
  SET pool            = my_apaches
  SET persist_client  = on
  SET persist_backend = on
  SET verify_backend  = on
ENABLE balancer

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