Patch: Send host header when reproxying

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Mon Sep 18 05:56:26 UTC 2006

On Fri, 15 Sep 2006, Mark Smith wrote:

> > >Attached is a quick patch to the Perlbal reproxy code that causes it
> > >to send the Host header - without this reproxying will *not* work on
> > >Apache Vservers.
> Great - it's been committed, thanks!

I was still confused about the patch.  Which hostname?
The original request's host header?  Because it shouldn't.
Or the X-Reproxy-URL one?  But if that has a hostname, I've never designed
for that to work, so who's doing the DNS lookup?  We're not using
IO::Socket::INET there, are we?  Thought we did socket/connect by hand to
backends?  I don't think we're doing async DNS lookups, so reproxying
things with hostnames would stall the event loop ....

> > >I've been trying to subscribe to the perlbal list from my
> > >address, but I never recieve the confirmation emails  - are you using
> > >some form of RBL or something?
> I don't think we do, Brad?

Yes, we do:

maps_rbl_domains =

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