Possible via a Perlbal plugin?

André Cruz andre.cruz at segula.pt
Wed Apr 18 09:08:16 UTC 2007


I'm an happy Perlbal user so I'll start by congratulating the  
development team. :)

I need a certain functionality and I would like to know if it's  
possible to do this via a plugin (if all the hooks I need are in  
place). I need to check the backend response to each request. If the  
response is a redirect to a specific URL I need to set a cookie to  
establish a temporary sticky session so that for the next X mins the  
requests from this client will end up on the same backend that issued  
the redirect.

The application on the backend is not under my control, btw, I just  
need to satisfy it's requirements and I would like to continue to use  

So there are two parts this:

1- Check the response and set the cookie if needed.
2- Check the request for the cookie and send it to the requested  
backend if it is set.

Is this doable?

Thanks and keep up the good work. :)
André Cruz

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