How to get it running?

Mark Smith junior at
Tue Aug 7 17:18:24 UTC 2007

> Ok I've figured that the program is expecting the default config file to
> be found here:
> /etc/perlbal/perlbal.conf
> Now the question is, I'm trying to use the load-balancer.conf to get
> things going, to test the system.  However, all it keeps telling me is:
> "No services or management port configured.  Nothing to do.  Stopping."
> I'm totally confused. I'm not even sure what a pool is, and what a
> balancer is.  Could someone give me some help?
> If there's some sort of test project/config that already works, I could
> learn off that.  Otherwise this whole thing is like poking around in the
> dark!

[mark @ web - ~/svn/perlbal] -> ./perlbal --help
Usage: perlbal [OPTS]
  --help           This usage info
  --version        Print perlbal release version
  --config=[file]  Specify Perlbal config file
                   (default: /etc/perlbal/perlbal.conf)
  --daemon         Daemonize

All of your questions answered.  :)  Look in the conf/ directory for example
configuration files.  Pretty sure most use cases are covered.

Mark Smith / xb95
smitty at
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