perlbal holding connections open

Josh Merrit techquestion at
Tue Aug 28 17:25:09 UTC 2007


I've been seeing this more and more lately. I'm running perlbal 1.59 and if I let it sit for a few days, I notice connections stacking up until the point it reaches the max_connections. I see a ton of file descriptors in /proc/pid/fd which correspond with the 'socks' command output. Am I just missing a config option or has anyone else seen this behavior? I've tcp dumped a few of the IPs and they're just sitting there. I can telnet to the perlbal ip on port 80 and just sit there, it will hold the connection open and never time out.

How do other people get around this? As far as I can tell the clients aren't even real people, just poorly written spiders or something else.

If I restart perlbal, the connections go back down to 100-200 and all is well. 


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