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Fri Dec 7 05:58:58 UTC 2007

On Dec 6, 2007, at 8:30 PM, kevin fernandes wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am Kevin Fernandes. Working as a system admin. I have configured  
> perlbal as a reverse-proxy server for serving web request. However i  
> have one problem. The web-server (access.log) logs on the individual  
> web-servers shows the IP of the perlbal server and not the Client IP  
> (REMOTE HOST IP) that requested the URL. I have not found any  
> documenation with regards to the configuration. Any help on this is  
> issue will be helpful. Awaiting your feed back.

You need to make your web-server read the X-Forwarded-For header and  
get the "remote IP" from there.

For Apache 1.3.x and 2.0.x:

For Apache 2.2.x (I think this is the one I use for 2.2.x anyway):

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