perlbal and foundry

Jay Buffington jaybuffington at
Sat Feb 3 00:10:59 UTC 2007

Requests for static data on our site goes:
ServerIron -> Squid -> PerlBal -> mod_perl (to get X-Reproxy-...) and
then back to client.

The ServerIron has a virtual called static that resolves to a farm of
two squid servers.  We've had no problems with this set up.   We
currently have SI-XLs and we are replacing them with SI-350s in an
active-active configuration.


> On Fri, 2 Feb 2007, Andy Tornquist wrote:
> > Hi
> > We are running several perlbal machines that are load balanced behind a
> > foundry server iron. Has anyone experienced any compatability issues
> > between the two.  Our website seems to become in accessible for several
> > minites at a time.
> >
> > Andyt

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