building a debian package

Jonathan Steinert hachi at
Sun Jan 21 00:51:20 UTC 2007

There's a utility with debian called 'dh-make-perl' that helps a lot

You need to install it (plus fakeroot) first:
# apt-get install dh-make-perl fakeroot

Then, from inside the perlbal distribution you can then do:
$ dh-make-perl

And then it should say "Done" and you can do
$ dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot

and it will build a .deb file for you in the parent directory.

I just tried this out and had no problems, hope it goes well for you.


Tomas Markauskas wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to build a perlbal debian package, but I don't really
> understand how to do it. I tried it with `dpkg -b`, but it did not
> work. Could anyone explain it or just where to get one?
> Thanks,
> Tomas

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