Vhost twiddling not configured for requested pair.

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at danga.com
Sat Jan 27 01:49:56 UTC 2007

This is a AJAX-helper function of the Vhost.pm plugin.

Basically, on a service selector service, where you'd normally configure
vhosts, you configure a magic vhost like:

  VHOST www.dev.lj;using:pics.dev.lj = fotobilder

Which says:

   If the HTTP request is to "www.dev.lj", but is actually asking (in the
   URI) to be routed to pics.dev.lj, that's okay:  use the "fotobilder"
   service for it.

Basically, this is for bypassing the same-origin security restrictions on
JavaScript when both origins are under your control, just with different

If javascript served from "www.dev.lj" wants to do XmlHttpRequest (or
whatever) to pics.dev.lj, it instead makes an HTTP request to:


Make sense?

On Fri, 26 Jan 2007, Stephen Gibson wrote:

> Hey all,
> I'm currently running an LJ server with perlbal on the front end. I
> encounter the above error when I attempt to make use of the "Upload from
> gallery" feature on the update page (I also have an FB install integrated).
> I really have no idea what this error means, so if someone could offer
> some advise it would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Stephen Gibson

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