PATCH: set proper Host header on reproxy

Leon Brocard acme at
Wed Jun 6 11:29:14 UTC 2007

The patch provided by Jonty here is, errr, wrong:

What Perlbal does currently upon reproxy is send the Host header of
the original request with the reproxy request.

What the attached patch does is set the Host header of the reproxy
request to match the host of the reproxy request.

I imagine most people are reproxying to Perlbal and thus ignoring
virtual hosts on the server where the reproxies are being sent, which
is why nobody has seen this as a problem.

I'm reproxying to a virtual host Apache server. In current Perlbal I
get infinite loops to my redirect handler, which is suboptimal ;-)

The original patch seems to have an intent, and I can kind of figure
out why you'd want it to work like that but I'm not sure it's a good
thing. My patch is more likely to be the right thing.

Any comments? Leon
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