Questions from PerlBal novice

Galtsev Igor gis at
Sat May 12 04:35:33 UTC 2007

Hello and greetings all and everyone!

Sorry for quite possible dummy questions.
I am novice in the PerBal application.

1. Whether there is a document containing FAQ?
2. If such document is not present - that allow to describe my
- My OS is FreeBSD v.6.2
- I have installed PerlBal from a collection of FreeBSD-ports - from
(/usr/ports/www/perlbal/). But I dont understand - How I can make configuration changes?
"man perlbal" is so short:
       For now, see example configuration files in conf/

I dont found "conf/" directory.
If I try to run perlbal then I see message:
# /usr/local/bin/perlbal
WARNING:  AIO mode disabled or not available.
          Perlbal will run slowly under load if you're doing any
          disk operations. (e.g. web_server mode).
          Install IO::AIO for better performance.
No services or management port configured.  Nothing to do.  Stopping.

If I try to run it with "--help" option then I see that the configuration
files  should be located "/etc/perlbal/perlbal.conf".
basket# perlbal --help
Usage: perlbal [OPTS]
  --help           This usage info
  --version        Print perlbal release version
  --config=[file]  Specify Perlbal config file
                   (default: /etc/perlbal/perlbal.conf)
  --daemon         Daemonize
But it there are not present:
# ls /etc/perlbal
ls: /etc/perlbal: No such file or directory

One more sorry for dummy question, but please - help me.

Many thanks you for a attention.
Igor Galtsev
mailto:gis at

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