selecting reproxy pool to use based on request_uri

Jonty jonty.wareing at
Tue Oct 9 17:58:46 UTC 2007

And, quickly, before I go to the pub, here's ours:

Example configuration (dummy, not our actual one!):

As you can see, the priority of the rules is based on the order that
you enter them, thus allowing for complex selector situations.

I'll get this in our public SVN tomorrow, along with a few of our
other perlbal plugins.

Jonty Wareing

On 10/9/07, Mark Smith <smitty at> wrote:
> > I've pasted the URL matching selector plugin we use at Amie Street here:
> [...]
> >
> Nice - you've got support for priority.  It would be nice to combine this
> functionality with that of the Vpath selector plugin put in the trunk last
> week.  Mind if I borrow the functionality and do so?
>  Likewise, it would be nice to see Jonty's.  I'd like to build a more
> generic selector plugin for matching on virtual hosts, URI, IP, etc etc and
> get it distributed with the core.
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> Mark Smith / xb95
> smitty at

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